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Under the global competition environment, the cabinet hardware welcomes the large-scale integration era

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In the global competitive environment, industrial capital is another theme of industry operation in order to obtain favorable competitive position and improve competitiveness.From the perspective of capital, the current main characteristics of capital expansion in the intensification.From the perspective of competitive behavior, the cooperation of resource sharing between enterprises is increasing.

Enterprise polarization will be further intensified

The next few years will be the high speed shock period of hardware industry, this kind of high speed shock brings the direct consequence is to lead to the current trend of polarization in the camp of hardware cabinet brand expansion.It is expected that the next few years can really survive in the market hardware enterprises are not so many.But this kind of high speed shake of hardware industry will bring great opportunity, the result of shake will make market operation more rational.

Competition among sales channels is becoming increasingly fierce

As a result of domestic hardware ambry product supply exceeds demand, quality pressure increases, sale channel becomes one of key competition factors, the competition of each party to channel is increasingly fierce.On the one hand, kitchen electricity manufacturers to strengthen the control of the retail terminal, and strive to reduce the sales link, save sales costs, so that the sales channel to the professional direction of development, enterprise sales model to be able to adapt to the direction of the diverse market at the same time.

On the other hand, the trend of the development of the sales industry makes the status of large household appliance chain stores continuously rise, enhances the control ability of the industry, and participates in and triggers the price competition dominated by manufacturers in the past.By virtue of their broad market coverage, procurement scale and cost advantages, large retailers will increasingly have more control over manufacturers in terms of product pricing and payment.

At the same time, the requirements of the international market for China's hardware products will gradually develop and change, with higher requirements on the quality, packaging and delivery period of Chinese products, and even gradually extend to the production process and product research and development, combining products with environmental protection, energy resources and cultural environment.


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